About Us

Essenti Enterprises, LLC is a United States-based trading company that is focused on bringing high-demand, high-quality pet products to the worldwide market. Essenti maintains rigorous standards for safety, trust and reliability, and we are proud to stand behind our trading partners. All products and manufacturers endorsed by Essenti are thoroughly vetted with the end consumer in mind.

Essenti is positioned to use our unique expertise, extensive research and market presence across Asia, Europe and the United States in buying and selling quality products.


Essenti Enterprises, LLC Export - Import Services in the United States - Sebastian SolskiEssenti’s founder and CEO, Sebastian Solski, was raised in a professional business environment. He is a member of a leading European manufacturing family that produces Sum-Plast pet products in Katowice, Poland. As a child, Solski worked and learned alongside his siblings in his parents’ business, and he grew to love the pleasures of entrepreneurship. Solski’s greatest fulfillment is in finding ways to make things better and more efficient, and that is what Essenti is all about.



The word “Essenti” comes from the word “essential” and we take the association very seriously. International trade is essential for economic growth, and matching our customers with the best possible partners is essential to the success of our company. Even more important, Essenti trades in only the highest-quality products, and that is the essential focus of our business philosophy.



  • Fastidious research of products and manufacturers
  • Finding the right suppliers and buyers
  • Astute market research
  • Negotiating the best possible rates
  • Managing import/export transactions
  • Continuing after-sales support



The products and services traded by Essenti Enterprises, LLC are designed to meet the highest expectations of customers in the world market. Superior pet products are a large part of that commitment. As the number of worldwide pet lovers continues to grow, the demand for safe and reliable pet products has increased as well. Essenti is proud to support brands that share our dedication to the health and safety of animals, people and the environment.

Experience and expertise are two more reasons to choose Essenti Enterprises, LLC. We know how to determine what products will be profitable in the market at any given time. Essenti provides skillful negotiations for buyers and sellers to source high-demand products and bring them to market at the lowest cost.

Recently, a European branch of Essenti was launched to save our European clients from the high cost of doing business with U.S. companies. The European presence of Essenti allows distributors across the European Union to access the same, quality products sold in the U.S., and avoid any extra taxes, tariffs and fees normally associated with U.S. trade. The EU branch substantiates Essenti’s commitment to the success and well-being of our partnered manufacturers and distributors.

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